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International Education and Relevant Data Sources

Country & Regional Data (NGOs)

Amnesty International - For earlier reports see Amnesty International Report print volumes at the Penn Libraries.

Asian Development Bank

Barro-Lee Educational Attainment Dataset - Educational attainment data for 146 countries in 5-year intervals from 1950 to 2010. It also provides information about the distribution of educational attainment of the adult population over age 15 and over age 25 by sex at seven levels of schooling.

Education Policy and Data Center - Data by country, school level, topic. 60 countries covered.  From FHI 360, a nonprofit human development organization. See About EPDC.

Eldis - Covers international development issues.  Content by topic and country name.

Global Education Database (GED) - Interactive program for accessing education data compiled by USAID from UNESCO.  Over 115 indicators, data for 200 countries.

Human Rights Watch - Content by country and topics, including Children's Rights.

Innovations for Poverty Action - Research covers 21 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa