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Political Science

Provides free and subscription resource recommendations in general and various political science subfields. Includes listings of the most widely used political science data and statistical resources.

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How should a state be governed? What is the best form of government for a society? How should we choose our political leaders? These are typical questions posed in the area of political theory. This section list major databases that are useful for locating information and articles in the areas of political theory.

Key Reference: Political Theory

Core Journals: Political Theory

General Databases

Two major commercial database vendors—EBSCO and ProQuest—are widely used to provide e-books, political science journals, and peer-reviewed articles. Universities will usually provide access to databases from one or both vendors. Important things to know about EBSCO and ProQuest.

  • Both provide access to dozens of individual subject databases that use a single search interface.
  • Both provide a varied mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, general magazines, and newspaper resources.
  • Both are multidisciplinary, which means they cover many subject areas, including political theory.

Key Subject Databases : Political Theory