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East View Census GIS Data Collections: Iran 2011 Census GIS Data Collection

Dataset Overview

East View Geospatial Census Data Collection products are licensed by the Penn Libraries for the use of current Penn students, faculty, and staff. If you are not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, then you should contact your library for access through their collections or contact East View.


East View Geospatial has reprocessed data from the Iran 2011 Population and Housing Census published by Statistical Centre of Iran (مرکز آماری ایران).

Data content

This data product provides 654 census data variables for demographic, economic, housing, migration, and social characteristics in its ADM4 dataset. The data product does not include every variable collected by the Iranian census.

Geographic coverage

The smallest geographic unit of analysis for these variables is ADM4, Fourth-Order Administrative Division (Shahr/Dehestan, شهر / دهستان) with placename and code variables for ADM3, Third-Order Administrative Division (Bakhsh, بخش), ADM2, Second-Order Administrative Division (Shahresetan, شهرستان), and ADM1, First Order Administrative Division (Ostan, استان) geographic areas. The collection offers separate coverages for Rural and Urban components, and some geographic areas may have both Rural and Urban components. Polygons are provided for 4,299 geographic areas at the ADM4 area, a count that may include overlapping Rural and Urban components.

Data format

East Vew Geospatial has published the dataset in two formats: two ArcGIS geodatabases; six ArcGIS shapefiles, corresponding to  thematic content for ADM4 Rural and/or Urban components. The dataset is projected as WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_38N.

Dataset Documentation

GIS Shapefiles

Demographic shapefiles

Attribute variables include : Population : Total; Male; Female. Age Groups : Total; Male; Female; Marital Status. Marital Status : Total; Male; Female. Number of Children : Born Alive; Currently Alive; Born within the last 365 Days / Currently Alive. Families : Total.

Economic shapefiles

Urban component only. Attribute variables include : Economic Activity : Employed/Unemployed by Age Groups : Total; Male; Female. Employment by Specific Industry : Total. Employment Type. Place of Employment : Total; Male; Female.

Housing shapefiles

Rural component only. Attribute variables include : Households : Total. Household Type. Household by Main / Other Materials. Houseeholds by Year of Construction. Type of Toilet. Type of Kitchen / Other Waste Removal.

Migration shapefiles

Urban component only.. Attribute variables include : Residency Status. Resident Population by Place of Birth. Immigrant Population : Total; Male; Female.

Social shapefiles

Urban component only. Attribute variables include : Literate / Illiterate Population : Total; Male; Female. Student Population : In Iran; Abroad; Non-Students. Students : Domestic.  Student Population Domestic and Abroad by School Level. Literate Population by Educational Attainment Not Achieved.
Domestic Student Population by Grade Level. Educational Attainment. Current Status / Graduates by Specific Field of Study. Place of Education : Total; Male; Female. Population with a Disability : Total; Male; Female; Specific Disability.

GIS Geodatabases

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