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East View Census GIS Data Collections: South Africa 2011 Census Data Collection

Dataset Overview

East View Geospatial Census Data Collection products are licensed by the Penn Libraries for the use of current Penn students, faculty, and staff. If you are not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, then you should contact your library for access through their collections or contact East View.


East View Geospatial has reprocessed data from South Africa's 2011 Census published by Statistics South Africa.

Data content:

This data product provides 907 census data variables from 77 data tables for demographics, disability, dwellings, education, family, household goods, head of household, household and personal services, labor force, language, migration, and parental survival.

Geographic coverage:

The geographic unit of analysis for these variables is the Small Area, the 2011 Census's basic reporting unit, falling between Enumeration Areas and Sub-Place Areas. Small Areas typically contain between 100 and 1,000 persons. The data product covers 84,907 Small Areas. Geographic codes are provided for higher-level geographies : Sub-Place, Main Place, Municipality (Metropolitan Municipalities and Local Muncipalities), District Council (or District Muncipalities), and Province.

Data format:

East Vew Geospatial has published the dataset in two formats: one ArcGIS geodatabase; six ArcGIS shapefiles, corresponding to thematic content. The dataset is projected as WGS1984.


Dataset Documentation

GIS Datasets

GIS Shapefiles
    Attribute variables include : Age groups in 5 years. Age in completed years. Age of head of household. Gender. Gender of head of household. Marital status. Population group. Population group of head of household. Relationship to head of household. Father alive. Mother alive.
    Attribute variables include : Annual household income (rand). Employment status of head of household. Individual monthly income. Official employment status. Type of sector.
    Attribute variables include : Cell Phone in Household. Computer in Household. DVD Player in Household. Electric Or Gas Stove in Household. Landline Or Telephone in Household. Radio in Household. Refrigerator in Household. Satellite Television in Household. Television in Household. Vacuum Cleaner in Household. Washing Machine in Household. Internet Access. Mail Delivered At Residence. Mail Post Box Or Bag. Number Of Rooms. Piped Water Households. Piped Water Persons. Refuse Disposal Households. Refuse Disposal Persons. Source Of Water Households. Source Of Water Persons. Tenure Status. Toilet Facilities Households. Toilet Facilities Persons. Type Of Main Dwelling Households. Type Of Main Dwelling Persons. Energy Or Fuel For Cooking Households. Energy Or Fuel For Cooking Persons. Energy Or Fuel For Heating Households. Energy Or Fuel For Heating Persons. Energy Or Fuel For Lighting Households. Energy Or Fuel For Lighting Persons. Enumeration Area Type Households. Enumeration Area Type Persons. Geo Type Households. Geo Type Persons. Household Size.
    Attribute variables include : South African citizenship. Province of birth. Province of previous residence. Province of usual residence. Since 2001. Region of birth. Year moved.
    Attribute variables include : Persons requiring chronic medication. Persons requiring eye glasses. Persons requiring a hearing aid. Persons requiring a walking stick or frame. Persons requiring a wheelchair. Persons having difficulty communicating. Persons having difficulty hearing. Persons having difficulty remembering/concentrating. Persons having difficulty seeing. Persons having difficulty self care. Persons having difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Educational institution. Present school attendance. Highest educational level. Highest education level grouped. Language.
    Attribute variables include : Motor car in household.
GIS Geodatabase
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