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U.S. Government Documents: Reports and Documents

House and Senate Reports and Documents

Following hearings and mark-up sessions, a committee will issue a report.  Reports describe the purpose and provide a section-by-section analysis of a bill, indicate changes to existing laws,  and include minority opinions.  A bill will be reported favorably, with amendments, unfavorably, or with actionpostponed.  A committee will rarely report a bill it does not recommend. A bill "dies" if it is not reported back to chamber by the end of the Congress. House and Senate Documents represent a wide range of publications including presidential messages and vetoes, budget related materials, financial disclosure reports, special studies, and other documents requested by Congress. 

Online Versions

Individual Document SuDoc numbers

House and Senate Reports and Documents are cumulated into the Congressional Serial Set.

Individual publications SuDoc numbers
    Senate Documents        Y 1.1/3:Congress - #
    Senate Treaty Documents    Y 1.1/4:Congress - #
    Senate Reports        Y 1.1/5:Congress - #
    Senate Executive Reports    Y 1.1/6:Congress - #
    House Documents        Y 1.1/7:Congress - #
    House Reports        Y 1.1/8:Congress - #