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Japanese Digital Resources: Kuzushiji

A guide to mostly free online resources and software that facilitates Japanese research and study.


These sites provide kuzushiji and hentaigana reference, such as charts and guides to be used by those who have already learned some kuzushiji and hentaigana.


These are more comprehensive dictionaries of kuzushiji, hentaigana, and calligraphic kanji forms.

Texts with Honkoku

These digital archives contain page images of documents written in kuzushiji with hentaigana and kanji, and many also include honkoku 翻刻 that can be viewed alongside or superimposed on the original documents.

Digital Archives

Other digital archives which contain materials relevant to kuzushiji and hentaigana reading, but not necessarily images of texts and/or honkoku.

Learning Kuzushiji

These sites and other resources provide tutorials and guides on learning kuzushiji in a structured way, rather than just serving as reference tools.

Seals 印鑑

Kotenseki 古典籍

These are sites with information about premodern books, or kotenseki 古典籍.