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Japanese Digital Resources: Regional

A guide to mostly free online resources and software that facilitates Japanese research and study.

Regional Studies

These reference sources include guides and bibliographies that facilitate research on Japanese provinces, regions, and municipalities.

Digital Archives - Kantō

Digital archives from libraries in the Kantō region, including Tokyo and Yokohama.

Digital Archives - Tōhoku

These are digital libraries and archives related to, or based in, the Tōhoku region.

Digital Archives - Hokkaidō

Digital archives from libraries in Hokkaidō.

Digital Archives - Chūbu

Digital archives from libraries in the Chūbu region of central Japan, including some special collections relating to local landmarks and events.

Digital Archives - Kansai

Digital archives from the Kansai region, with a focus on Kyoto and Nara.

Digital Archives - Chūgoku

Digital archives and libraries in or about the Chūgoku region.

Digital Archives - Kyūshū

Digital archives from libraries, museums, and other institutions in the Kyūshū region.

Okinawa Resources

Various web resources on Okinawa, including digital archives and guides.

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