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Library information page for the Katz CAJS Fellows: Electronic texts

UPenn Online Books

Bible and Targum
Hebrew and Aramaic

  • Bible - the Jewish canon, with Masoretic vowels (nekudot) (Mechon Mamre - UTF-8)
  • Bible - the Jewish canon, with full Masoretic pointing (nekudot and te'amim) (Mechon Mamre - UTF-8)
  • Bible - JPS 1917 English version (Mechon Mamre)
  • Bible - parallel Hebrew - English (Mechon Mamre)
  • Bible - Targum Onkelos to the Pentateuch (Mechon Mamre)
  • Bible the Jewish canon, with Masoretic pointing - UTF-8 (Unicode) encoded (Pastor Didier Stadelmann, Switzerland)

Other Languages

Talmud, Midrash, Rabbinics, and Kabbalah


Other Texts

Collections/Archives - Alphabetized by Name

Collections/Archives - Alphabetic by Topic

Electronic Libraries/Collections