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BorrowDirect, E-ZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan: Lending to Other Institutions

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Lending to Other Institutions

Dear colleagues everywhere:  The University of Pennsylvania is closed.  No staff are permitted in the library.  We are unable to lend books but may be able to lend electronic articles.  Please do not return any materials to us at this time.  You can email us for a new due date if you are able.


Special Note to Law Firms and other Commercial Entities:

  • No RUSH service
  • No shipping to other than the billing address
  • No shipping using your courier account
  • No information on the dates that items were added to our collection. 

Please read the following information carefully to ensure successful requesting.

The University of Pennsylvania prefers to receive Interlibrary Loan requests placed through OCLC, to our lender symbol PAU.  The University of Pennsylvania Health Sciences libraries also accept requests through Docline to their lender symbols: PAUPEM, PAUPEV and PAUPED. However, if you do not borrow through OCLC or Docline and cannot find any other location for your material, you can create an account and place your request by registering here:

University of Pennsylvania Lending Web Registration and Login Page

For Username, please use a code of at least 6 characters.  Do not use a 3 character code as that may duplicate an OCLC code.  Remember your password and other information for any future requests.

Shipping - Loans will be shipped by UPS courier.  International borrowers must be able to receive UPS shipments.  Please provide a full shipping address, including street address.  **PLEASE NOTE - we no longer ship via Airmail as the University does not provide tracking for Airmail packages.**

Articles will be delivered electronically.  Copy requests are limited to fifty pages.

We are unable to accommodate RUSH requests.

It is important to fill in the maxcost field in the request.  Our charges are:

Non-profit Pennsylvania libraries:

  • No charge

Other non-profit libraries:

  • Loans - $25 invoice or 2 IFLA vouchers
  • Copies - $25 invoice or 1 IFLA voucher

For profit libraries:

  • Loans - $55 invoice
  • Copies - $55 invoice

For overseas libraries, payment with IFLA vouchers is preferred.  Credit card or check is acceptable but we cannot accept electronic payments.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.


Contact us at the Van Pelt Library Interlibrary Loan office:

Email Us:

Call Us: