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Citation Management Tools: Papers

Refworks, Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote, Papers. Which one is the right reference management tool for you? Start here.

Papers Bookmarklet Info

The Papers bookmarklet is a small JavaScript bookmark that you can install in your web browser. It allows you to open your current web page in Papers. Follow the link below for instructions:

Bookmarklet Instructions

What is Papers?

Papers helps you easily collect, organize and store your citations and documents.

  • Papers keeps your library organized and portable, automatically downloads full-text content for your articles, shows you related content when reading, and lets you sync your library between home and work, whether you're using Mac or PC, iPad or iPhone.
  • Use any of the 25+ built-in search engines to find literature in your field of research. From PubMed, Scopus, to ArXiv, and Google Patents.
  • Import any article, or any other document supported by Papers and it is automatically renamed and organized according to your preferences.
  • Citations lets you format your document using one of over 6,300 citation styles.
  • When you import references that include a link to the article online, Papers will automatically download the full-text PDF and a snapshot of the web version of the article for offline reading.
  • Papers allows you to read in full screen mode, highlight and annotate, and switch between different documents in tabs.

Configuring Papers for UPenn

Set Library Proxy & Library Website URL

In order to access our library subscriptions within Papers3 while off campus, you will need to change a preference setting. 

Navigate to "Preferences", then "Access".  Select "University of Pennsylvania" from the "Use Library Proxy" pull-down menu.  Additionally, you can add one of the Penn Library Website URL's for easy access.

Papers3 Access Preference Setting

Scopus Account ID

In order to search Scopus within the Papers program you must enter Penn's Scopus Account ID.  You will only need to do this once.

  • Select the seach icon  Papers3 Search Icon that appears along the top of the Papers3 screen.  You should see "Search Engines" appear in the left-hand pane of the Papers3 screen.
  • Click Scopus and then the gear icon  Papers3 Cog image  that appears in the lower, left-hand corner of the screen. 
  • The Scopus Settings dialog box should prompt you for the Scopus ID.  Enter 22721


Papers3 Penn Scopus ID


Papers Consultation

Have a questions about Papers3?  Contact Frank Campbell at or 215.898.9905.