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Citation Management Tools: Advanced Features

Keep track of articles and books. Make annotations. Create citations and bibliographies easily.

Tags + Related Items

Add your own tags or use / edit the tags that are imported when you save an item. You can also use color tags to help visually organize your library. HINT: Drag an item to a tag in the tag selector and the tag is automatically added to the item.

screenshot showing menu options for Zotero tags: assign color, rename tag, delete tag

Related items allows you to set up a relation between any pair of items in your library. Check out the third-party plugin Zutilo that helps you organize tags and related items. 

screenshot showing Zutilo's menu: copy tags to clipboard, paste tags from clipboard, relate selected items, and quick copy items to clipboard

Zotero Groups

Group libraries are separate from your personal library.

screenshot showing Zotero Group menu options: New Group or New Feed   or go to and select Create a New Group.

My Publications

Share your own work using Zotero. My Publications allows you to quickly share a bibliography of your work. You can link your publications to your Zotero profile (see Shannon's as an example). You can also share files for which you have distribution rights.

Screenshot of list with "My Publications" highlighted

Using Zotero to search the Libraries for full-text

You can add Penn Libraries' link resolver to your Zotero library. This enables you to use Zotero's Library Lookup tool.

To do this, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced. Under the section which says OpenURL and add a resolver, type in the following link, and then press OK:

From now on, if you select an item in your Zotero library, you can go to the small green arrow, open the dropdown, and choose Library Lookup. A browser will open which searches for the item in the Penn Libraries system and, if possible, offers you connections to full-text.

Green arrow dropdown panel in Zotero with "Library Lookup" as the second option in the menu

Disabling Proxy Redirection

You may have seen a yellow banner while using Zotero which pops up as you authenticate to Penn Libraries resources:

Yellow banner which reads: Zotero automatically redirected your request to through the proxy at It gives the options: Don't proxy this site, or Proxy Settings.

This banner indicates that Zotero Connector, the browser extension, wants to give you the option to "remember" that you are proxied in. Many users find that even after clicking "Accept," the banner resurfaces again and again, with no added functionality.

Disabling Zotero's proxy redirection will prevent the banner from popping up and will not impact your ability to authenticate to Penn Libraries resources, nor will it interfere with any Zotero functions. To disable the proxy redirection:

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the puzzle piece icon (Extensions)
  2. Click on the three dots next to the Zotero Connector extension, and select Options
  3. On the extension page, click on the Proxy tab on the left. 
  4. Uncheck "Enable Proxy Redirection."


  1. Click on the puzzle piece icon (Extensions)
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the Zotero Connector extension, and select Manage Extension
  3. Click on the three dots next to Zotero Connector, and select Options
  4. On the extension page, click on the Proxy tab on the left. 
  5. Uncheck "Enable Proxy Redirection."
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