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Television Studies: Databases

Guide to resources on television as a creative cultural product and industry.

Entertainment Sources

Finding Journal Articles

There are many places to look for journal articles on television. In most cases you will want to search more than one or two databases. Television is a popular entertainment form as well as an huge industry which means it topical in general newspapers, popular magazines and business/trade journals as well as academic journals and dissertations. There are databases that exclusively index entertainment industry materials; other humanities and social science databases (such as MLA and and Web of Science) include scholarly articles on televsion. Likewise, televsion has been of central interest to Communication scholars since the field began so be sure to check the Communication resources. To save time and get the most from your searching "dollar" search multiple files at once which can be done on the EBSCO and Proquest platforms.

General Multidisciplinary Sources

Communication Sources


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