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Television Studies: Welcome to Television Studies!

Guide to resources on television as a creative cultural product and industry.

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Looking for TV Resources?

Use this guide to help navigate the rich resource environment of television studies.  Whether you are focused on the content of television (analysis or criticism of television programs--fictional, reality, news, advertising, talk/interview, etc.), the creative production of television (writing, producing, directing, acting), the industry as a business, or the impact of television on society, including attitudinal and behavioral effects of television viewing practices, you're in the right place to begin.

In addition to Penn-only databases and journals, this guide points to many good open access resources--journals, blogs, archives and the like. Great resources are not always behind paywalls, and that's a good thing.

In the Books section I've included reference titles as well as histories of television as an industry and genre. There is also a section of "Key Works" or classics. These selections may serve to offer some general perspectives on your topic before you even get started--or you might see them mentioned a lot in your "travels" and want to catch up with them.

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