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Scholarly Communications

A guide created to discussion numerous aspects of scholarly communication, such as: open access publishing, copyright and creative commons licensing, scholarly profiles, and the h-index


Understanding Copyright

We've all seen the copyright symbol lurking in the corner of a paper or the footer of a website, but what exactly is copyright and how do you get it for your own work? What does it mean when something is under copyright, and how does that affect your teaching and scholarship? This guide aims to help you get started in untangling these questions. This page is not intended to serve as a substitute for independent legal advice, but can give you some tools to make more informed decisions about using copyrighted materials, and help you to make choices about what you want to do with your own work.


copyright symbol with red question mark on top of it


Note: Most of the content in this guide is geared toward U.S. copyright law. For more information on international copyright law, see this page.

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