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Scholarly Communications

A guide created to discussion numerous aspects of scholarly communication, such as: open access publishing, copyright and creative commons licensing, scholarly profiles, and the h-index

Finding Images

Finding images online and using them properly can be difficult.  This guide will give you access to different types of images which are available for public use, explain different types of licensing, and show you how to correctly attribute any images you may use. 

For more sources, explanations on properly citing images, and more information on copyright, refer to the Finding Images and Copyright Resources to Support Publishing and Teaching guides.

This guide is primarily concerned with finding open access images which are public domain, under creative commons licensing, or governmental works (which may have some restrictions for use).

Google Image Search

Google images can now be searched by reuse rights! Simply type in your search query, click "Search tools", and filter by license.

Creative Commons Image Search

Creative Commons offers a search for public domain and CC licensed images. You can also do a web search for flikr:cCreative Commons, that will bring up a CC flkr search for images by arranged by CC license.