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Scholarly Communications

A guide created to discussion numerous aspects of scholarly communication, such as: open access publishing, copyright and creative commons licensing, scholarly profiles, and the h-index

How to Identify a Quality Journal

3 Most Important Factors Scholars Consider:

1. Prestige 

2.  Publication Speed

3.  High visibility within a specific audience




Ask Yourself: 

1. Who is the publisher? What is their reputation?

2. Who is on the board of editors?

3. What is their review process? What standard do they hold articles to?

4. What is its impact factor​?

5. Where is it indexed​?


Miscellaneous Questions

  1.  What is its acceptance/rejection rates?
  2. Publication charges?
  3. How does the press treat the journal?  


Database that helps find a journal to publish in

JANE relies on the data in PubMed, which can contain papers from predatory journals, and therefore these journals can appear in JANE's results. To help identify high-quality journals, JANE now tags journals that are currently indexed in MEDLINE, and open access journals approved by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

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