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U.S. Legislative Process: Prints

This guide provides access to the documents processed in the legislative process in the U.S.


Prints provide background information on a bill.  Prints are requested by the Committee and may be prepared by the committee's research staff, outside consultants, or often the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress.

Until about 1975, Committe prints were not depository items.  Some Committee Prints were preliminary publications which were later printed with revisions as Senate and House documents or reports.  They are indistinguishable in subject matter from documents.  Because they were considered to be administrative, they were not made available to depository libraries.

Online Versions

Print/Microform Versions

Prints from 1981 to the present are available within the U.S. Government document microfiche collection, located in Van Pelt. Prints are interfiled with the hearings, by SuDoc number (Y 4.),

Prior to 1981, selected prints were received in paper.  These are cataloged and classified separately and can be located through Franklin.  Not all prints are offered to depository libraries.   

In addition to paper, some committee prints from 1954 - 1980 may be available in the United States Government publications; depository [microform] collection.  Documents contained in the microprint collection are arranged by Monthly Catalog number.  Requests from LIBRA of these prints need to include reference to "Microprint #5" and the relevant MoCat number.

The Biddle Law Library has prints in paper from July 1980 to the present; as well as in microfiche from 1970 - 79 and 1986 - date  [Microforms room, filed by CIS  number].