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Using Franklin Articles+

Using Franklin Articles+

Franklin Articles+, a component of Franklin, is a single search entry point into the Penn Libraries' large collection of ebooks, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, conference proceedings, and more.   Articles+ is prominently located on the Franklin homepage and there are links on various research guides.

Content Visibility Restrictions

For most content in Articles+, searching does not require authentication, so when off-campus and not yet authenticated you can perform a search and get citation results.  When off campus, you will see this message in the upper right corner of the screen:

Until you login, you  will not be able to see full-text of any citations except the open-access publications.  Citation counts from Web of Science and Scopus do not display either. 

When logged in, Articles+ links will take you either directly to the full-text or to an intermediate page with full-text options.  If there is no full-text, print holdings will display on the intermediate page.  Login to see request options including Digital Delivery. 

See more information on PennText with Franklin Articles.

In addition, you must be logged in to see:

  • Citations from some databases including ARTstor, Scopus, Web of Science, ERIC (some providers).
  • For those Abstracting and Indexing only database indexed in Articles+ that are included in Penn Libraries subscriptions, records will display in Articles+ search results.  Duplicate records from multiple content providers are automatically merged into in a single result. Users must be authenticated to see the A&I record content in a merged record. 
  • Search results comprised solely of subscribed A&I content unless that subscribed content is open-access (for example, ERIC).
  • Citation counts from Web of Science and Scopus.  Articles+ displays citation counts in the bottom right corner of a record when you are authenticated. Web of Science "Cited by" will display to the left of the Scopus "Cited by" display. 
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