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Using Franklin Articles+

Using the Folder

To save citations to a temporary folder, click on the folder icon

Once the folder contains one or more citations, the icon will change to let you know how many items the folder contains.

No more than 50 citations can be saved to or emailed/exported from the save folder at a time.

Your saved items will be cleared when you leave or after an extended period of inactivity (4 hours).

If you would like to save your citations beyond the session, you can copy/paste, email, print or export your list to bibliographic management software.


To email  messages from the right side panel or the folder view, enter the recipient email and press send.  It is not necessary to enter anything into the message field.

Linking to stable URLS

After completing a search, you canuse the search URL in your browser address bar as a perma link to a search statement.

For an individual record, when viewing a results set, right click the title of the desired item, then choose Copy Location Link.

Exporting References

From the Folder view, export options include:

If you select RefWorks and have RefWorks open, citations will go to RefWorks.  If you do not have RefWorks open, you will be prompted to open either Legacy RefWorks or new RefWorks.

Citation Management Tool What Happens
RefWorks Direct Export. A user that is already logged in to RefWorks will see their exported citations in their Last Imported folder.
EasyBib Direct Export. User is taken to the Import screen in EasyBib.    A user that is not already logged in to EasyBib can choose to log in, or import the citation into the temporary project space that EasyBib offers without a login.
EndNote .ris file is sent to user's browser. If the user's browser has EndNote Web enabled, the browser will use it with the .ris file. If the browser instead is set to open .ris files with the EndNote client, the browser will launch the EndNote client.
BibTex .bib file is sent to user's browser. If the browser has been set up to open .bib files with BibTex, then the browser will launch BibTex.  Otherwise the .bib file can be saved and imported into BibTex.
Citavi .ris file is sent to user's browser. If the browser has been set up to open .ris files with Citavi, then the browser will launch Citavi.  Otherwise the .ris file can be saved and imported into Citavi.