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Using Franklin Articles+

Field Searching in Basic and Advanced

Many metadata fields in the Articles+ can be searched from the Advanced Search page. You can also search specific fields using the Basic Search (keyword) search box. The search syntax is: field:(query).  There are no spaces in field names.

Search Examples


author: hemingway

abstract:("classroom environment") motivation

publicationtitle:("social forces") and "educational attainment"

publicationtitle:("tesol journal" OR "bilingual journal") and pragmatics

Searchable Field Names

The following are the primary fields queried during a Basic Search.  Note that volume is not included. 

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • DocumentTitleAlternate
  • Author
  • CorporateAuthor
  • PublicationTitle - Identifies the source (journal, newspaper, book, etcetera) of the item (journal article, newspaper article, book chapter, etc.)
  • ISSN
  • eISSN
  • ISBN
  • PublicationPlace
  • Issue
  • Abstract
  • PublicationDate
  • StartPage
  • ContentType
  • Fulltext (if the provider has contributed the full text)
  • SubjectTerms
  • DOI