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Circulation: PickUp@Penn


See the Libraries' COVID-19 page for the latest updates on library services.

The University of Pennsylvania Libraries are currently closed to users and the only access to our physical collections is through Books by Mail or PickUp@Penn.  Requests for electronic articles and book chapters can be submitted via Request Digital Delivery.  

What is PickUp@Penn?

PickUp@Penn is a temporary service starting July 6 and is offered to Penn students, faculty and staff members to facilitate their research while the libraries remain closed. Borrowers will be able to request pickup of on-shelf Penn Libraries circulating books.  Biddle Law Library materials are not included in the service. The collections currently available include Van Pelt, Lippincott, Fine Arts, Museum and LIBRA. Books will be charged to users and placed in paper bags for pickup outside the library building. 

Who is eligible for PickUp@Penn?

The service is available to all borrowers in good standing. Borrowers are subject to the same loan policies and fine rates as if they checked out the items in person at a circulation desk. Users who are delinquent, whether through fine blocks, overdue recalled blocks, or other reasons, will be unable to access the request menu to request pickup. 

Do I have to register for PickUp@Penn?

It is not necessary to register for this service. 

What materials can I request with PickUp@Penn?

The collections available currently are limited to Van Pelt (including sound recordings from the Ormandy collection), Lippincott, Fine Arts, Museum and LIBRA. Other libraries on campus are not yet staffed and we have no access to the materials there. As other collections become available, we will update this list. 

How do I request PickUp@Penn?

Users may request materials by using the PickUp@Penn option in our online catalog, Franklin. Only materials from circulating collections, and only those with the status "Available" may be requested using PickUp@Penn. 

What is the PickUp@Penn procedure?

Requested materials will be checked out to the user, then placed in a paper bag. Library staff will label the bag with the patron's last name and arrange bags in alphabetical order. Bags will be available for pickup from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday outside the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center. 

What is the pickup location?

Bags will be on a cart in the vestibule of the ground floor accessible entrance (southeast corner) of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center (see map). A security guard will open the door for you to enter. Only one patron at a time may enter the vestibule. 

How soon can I pick up my requests?

You will receive an email notice when your requests are available. Note that items coming from Ormandy, LIBRA, Fine Arts and Museum will take longer, so if you request items from more than one location, they may not all be available at the same time. You'll receive an email for each request. 

How long will the library hold my requests?

Bags will be kept for one week. After that, to make space for other requests, we will remove the bag, and check the items in from your account.  

Can I use PickUp@Penn to retrieve my library books from my library study carrel or faculty study?

Since these items are considered "on loan" in our system, you won't be able to request individual items using PickUp@Penn, but please email the library where your carrel or study is located to make arrangements:;;

Are there restrictions associated with PickUp@Penn?

We ask that you pick up all your requests when they are available; do not take some books and leave others. Remember the weight of the books when you place your requests! You'll need to get them safely home. Users must observe due dates, renewing or returning materials on time. 

How can I return my books when I am done with them?

The book return bin to the right of the ground floor entrance to Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, where you pick up the books you requested, is available at all times for returning books. It is the only book return open at this point. 

Are there costs associated with PickUp@Penn?

No, there is no charge for this service.

How do I communicate with the library about PickUp@Penn?

Contact us at


Contact us at the Van Pelt Library Circulation Department:

Email Us:

Call Us:
215-898-1464 (Emily Batista, Acting Director of Access Services)



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