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Circulation: UPenn Self-Checkout App


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How do I use it?

Using the UPenn Self-Checkout App:

Upon first downloading the app it will ask you for your Pennkey and Pennkey password. It will also ask you to complete the two-step verification. It will only ask you to do this the first time you use the app or if you log out of the app on your phone.

Logging in:

1. Open the App on your phone

2. Tap the Net ID field to automatically browse to the Pennkey login page and login using your active Pennkey and Pennkey Password. Complete the two-step verification process this first time you log in OR if you have logged out from your app.

3. Once you have authenticated, the app will browse you back to the home screen. You should see your full name on this screen if you have logged in successfully.

Checking an Item Out:

1. Tap the start button to begin the loaning process.

Open page welcoming patron

2. Tap the "+" sign on the screen. You may need to give the app permission to access your phone's camera. The camera is needed to scan the barcode of the item.

Phone page with arrow pointing towards plus sign

3. The camera will open. Line up the red line on the screen with the barcode of the book. You should hear a beep noise. This indicates that you have successfully scanned the item's barcode.* Note, sometimes, the barcode is located on the inside back cover of a book.

Scanning book with red line

4. Once you have scanned all of your items, tap the "Finish" button to confirm your loans.

Confirmation page showing book being checked out

5. You are done.

You will receive a loan receipt at the preferred email indicated on your library account. This is confirmation that you have successfully loaned the item to your library account. Your due date is included in these notifications as well as stored in the Self-checkout app. Once the item is returned to the library this information will disappear.

Thank you page with green checkmark Loan receipt

* If you are unable to scan in a barcode, i.e. the barcode is faded or scratched, you can type in the barcode by tapping "type-in Code" under the red line and camera area on your screen.*

UPenn Self-Checkout App

Common Questions:

What is the Penn Libraries UPenn Self-Checkout App?

The Penn Libraries UPenn Self-Checkout App is a downloadable application that can be used to check out books at our University City library locations.

What do I need to use it?

The UPenn Self-Checkout App can be downloaded from the app store of any Apple or Android smart phone or tablet.

Who is eligible to use the self-checkout app?

All active students, staff, and faculty without blocks on their library account. If you find that you are unable to use the UPenn Self-Checkout app, or you are receiving a blocked user message, please visit the Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center Circulation Desk for assistance.

What collections are eligible for use with the self-checkout app?

  • Print materials only.
  • Items that circulate normally*
  • items owned by the Penn Libraries (i.e. non-resource sharing or bestseller items)

Can I use the self-checkout app off campus at New Bolton Center or Morris Arboretum?

At this time the self-checkout app is not available for use at the New Bolton Center or Morris Arboretum.

Can I renew items through this app?

Not at this time.

How do I get  the UPenn Self-Checkout App?

Search for "UPenn Self-Checkout App" in your Apple App store or  Google Play App Store

UPenn Self Checkout


* Not all of our collections are eligible for use with the UPenn Self-Checkout App. For example, items on course reserves or loaned for a shortened period of time, items on study carrels or in seminar rooms, reference items, journals both loose issues and bound, rare items, and equipment are not eligible for loan with the self-checkout app. Loaning things to a proxy or carrel is also not available with the self-checkout app. If you would like to borrow any of these items or loan them to your proxy, please visit the circulation desk of any Penn Library.

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