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Using Franklin Catalog

How it works

The Advanced Search allows you to easily combine multiple search terms.

  • First, choose whether to require ALL or ANY of the search lines that contained in your search equation
  • Enter a single term, multiple terms, or a phrase in the first search box.
  • Use the drop-down menus to the right to each search value box to limit your search to a specific field. 
  • A default AND is assumed between lines, but Boolean operators may be used within lines.

Publication Date

  • Enter years specific year to find items published between those years inclusively.
  • If is not necessary to enter both a from and to date. If either box is left blank, the system will supply a * to the search.
  • If you wish to search one year, enter that date in both the from and to search boxes.
  • Date range searches may return results containing u or x as placeholders for partial dates.