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Using Franklin Catalog

Searching by Language

Limiting by language

Prior to a search, click on the language limit on the left of the Franklin Catalog screen to see a list of languages with the number of items held in each language.

Following a search, click on a specific language within the language limit in order to refine the results of a search by language.


May be applied to non-roman character-based languages, such as Cyrillic. Truncation may not be applied to logographic languages, such as Chinese, for which each glyph is treated as a separate word.

Keyword Expert Field searching

In an Expert Keyword search add a language field search component to the search statement language:(french or spanish)

Advanced Search

Choose language field and enter language name.

Non-Roman Scripts

Searching in non-Roman scripts

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Diacritics: Searches executed with and without diacritics should produce the same results.
  • Digraphs: can be searches as two characters. For Example, loeillet matches on lœillet