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NIH Diversity Supplement

Diversity Supplements to NIH Awards

Now that you’ve established contact with your POs, it is time to put together a successful application! Every institute and stage will have different details (which you’ll clarify by talking with your POs, but the overall themes are largely the same.

Diversity Supplement applications are comprised of six components:  an eligibility letter, research plan, mentoring plan, timeline, biosketches, (unofficial) transcripts, and a budget justification. The suggested structure is typically:

  • Summary of parent award
  • Proposed supplement activities - including scientific specific aims
  • Applicant’s plan for interacting with parent grant collaborators and mentorship team
  • Applicant’s plan for contributing intellectually to the research
  • Applicant’s plan for enhancing research skills/capability and knowledge in the selected scientific area
  • Opportunities that will contribute to the applicant’s development
  • Mentoring plan – including mentors’ qualifications, mentors’ support
  • Milestones/Timeline

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