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NIH Diversity Supplement

Diversity Supplements to NIH Awards
    1. The mentoring team includes experts who will assist in achieving you career goals, including the parent grant PI.
      1. Number (typically 3-5 people) and composition depend on career goals and research project, but be sure to strike a balance of having enough people to provide appropriate expertise.
    2. Choosing a mentoring team:
      1. Consider mentors who can contribute to the subject matter, analysis, and other areas of training, relevant to your career goals
      2. Consider career level and accessibility
      3. Describe how they will contribute to long-term career goals
    3. Be sure to highlight:
      1. Each mentor’s previous mentoring experiences and expertise
      2. How each mentor’s support will advance applicant’s journey to next phase of career
      3. How these mentors enhance the applicant training, beyond the “regular training” the applicant would have received without the supplement’s support 
      4. Mentorship activities into timeline, such as frequency of meetings with each mentor and team as a whole.

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