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NIH Diversity Supplement

Diversity Supplements to NIH Awards
    1. With the grant-assigned PO, you will discuss any and all research-specific questions. Applications do not undergo a full peer committee review, but rather are reviewed internally. This means it is important to get early feedback from the PO about the kinds of applications that are typically funded. Such questions include:
      1. Do the questions proposed in the supplemental application align with the institute’s funding priorities?
      2. Do the questions proposed in the supplemental application align sufficiently with the parent grant’s aims?
      3. Is it reasonable for the applicant to complete one of the parent grant’s aims, or a portion of what has been proposed?
      4. Is the proposed applicant able to propose additional data collection?
      5. Is the timeline of completion for the proposed aims reasonable?
    2. What recommendations does the PO have for components of a strong application?
      1. What are career-level appropriate deliverables? This can be number of manuscripts, conference abstracts, etc.
    3.  This is an ongoing conversation with the PO.
      1. Be sure to let the PO know you are submitting a supplement application and inquire as to how long it typically takes to receive a decision. Be sure to also follow up with the PO once the application has been submitted.

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