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NIH Diversity Supplement

Diversity Supplements to NIH Awards
    1. ​​​​​​The scope of this will be dependent upon the applicant’s career level, so be sure to consult with both your PI mentor and the grant-specific PO for further guidelines
    2. Research plan should be within the scope of the parent grant.
      1. Examples include secondary data analysis or a nested project (must check with grant-specific PO is this is allowed)
      2. This is also institute specific, so discuss research aims with the grant-assigned PO
    3. Be sure to address how the proposed work will accomplish the following:
      1. Advances the parent grant’s objectives and how it will further contribute to the research community
        1. It should also address how the candidate will interact with the parent grant’s team
        2. Support’s the applicant’s research training and long-term career goals, specifically how this opportunity will develop new skills to advance their career
    4. The plan also includes:
      1. Actual research, course work, and career development opportunities
        1. If relevant: Call out pertinent courses relevant to each proposed aim
      2. Proposed deliverables such as conferences, abstracts, manuscripts
    5. Discuss how the proposed research will enhance the applicant’s research training, and provide mentoring and career development
    6. Convey that the proposed work is:
      1. Appropriate for the applicant’s career level
      2. Advances the scientific goals of the parent grant
      3. If in a college or graduate program, discuss the milestones (e.g., preliminary exam) that will help them progress through completion in their program
    7. Deliverables, including 
      1. Dissemination of findings such as conferences, abstracts, manuscripts. These are dependent on the applicant’s career-level.

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