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NIH Diversity Supplement

Diversity Supplements to NIH Awards
    1. Verify the eligibility of the parent grant and the eligibility of the applicant’s career-level
    2. After verifying, subsequent conversations with the PO include:
      1. Do the questions proposed for the application align with the institute’s funding priorities?
      2. Are the aims reasonable or are they too ambitious for the length of the project?
      3. Is the proposed mentorship team appropriate?
      4. Are there trainings or conferences worth attending that the PO thinks would complement the application?
    3. What recommendations or components does the PO consider as part of a competitive application? These may include:
      1. What attributes do they consider makeup a strong candidate and support team?
      2. Proposed timelines – are the timelines reasonable? How many years of funding does the institute allow for a supplement?
      3. Verifying any and all proposal deadlines
      4. Budget questions including allowable costs like equipment (e.g., computers, laboratory equipment, data costs, software, international or sponsored travel for data collection, and personnel/contractor costs (e.g., interviewers, transcription services, translators, etc.).


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