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This guide will help you to become more familiar with Penn's institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons, and the various services provided by the ScholarlyCommons team.

Conferences and Events

With ScholarlyCommons, you can capture the valuable output from your past conferences, symposiums, or other events. Papers, presentations, and other works can be collected into proceedings series that are fully indexed and discoverable in search engines, disseminated to readers via email and RSS, and integrated with the hosting department’s site on the repository. Like journals on ScholarlyCommons, conference and event collections can be branded with a unique design.

Featured Conferences and Events

Ivies Plus Access Services Symposium

The annual Ivies Plus Access Services Symposium provides an opportunity for access services professionals from large research libraries to share experiences, insights, and best practices with each other.

The Last Food Mile Conference

Sustainably feeding 7 billion people now and 9 billion by 2050 is a daunting challenge. Reducing massive amounts of food waste is critical toward building sustainable food security in the world. In an era of growing demand for more food, coupled with escalating production and environmental cost, dwindling natural resources, and international unrest, tackling food wastage is paramount to our future. 

Waste occurs at the farm, the processing plant, the store, and the home. This conference brought together experts from national and international, academic and industrial, public and private sectors, to discuss where food losses occur along the food supply chain, why, and how much; what food waste reduction measures work effectively, lessons learned and barriers encountered; and what policies and interventions are critically needed for moving forward

Penn Open Access Events

Each year the University of Pennsylvania Libraries hosts a variety of workshops, presentations, and other events related to Open Access topics. 

Screenshot of The Science of Information repository collection

The Science of Information, 1870-1945

Between about 1870 and 1945, for visionaries and planners around the world, projects for assembling universal knowledge and projects for effecting a universal political order went hand-in-hand. This symposium investigated the development of intertwining utopianisms in internationalist politics and in the science of information during this period. The symposium made use of a custom design to host their agenda and link out to session recordings.

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Image courtesy Niklas Wikström via CC BY-NC 2.0 license.


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