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Preferred Formats

•    Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
•    Audio: AIFF, MP3, "unprotected" (DRM-free) AAC
•    Video: MPEG
•    Streaming Video: ScholarlyCommons encourages archiving of video or other audio-visual materials which can be stored in ScholarlyCommons and linked to other sources such as YouTube. We cannot, however, offer live streaming of video content from our servers. For units that have lecture series or other scholarly presentations in video or audio format, we encourage you to contact us.
•    Data: XML, CSV, TSV  
Other formats may be included as supplementary materials, but are less likely to be migrated when technology changes. Submissions may be in a different format, but we recommend that the files be additionally made available in one of the above formats.

When technology inevitably migrates to new formats in the future, we will change the format of a file, but not the information in it. For example, Penn Libraries staff will not update hyperlinks, other external references, or out-of-date information within a work or supplementary file.

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