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Data Curation and Preservation Policies

Data Curation Policy
Submitters can request assistance with data curation as needed. The Research Data & Digital Scholarship Staff follow the CURATED workflow developed by the Data Curation Network. This process involves the following steps: Check files/code, Understand the data, Request missing information, Augment metadata, Transform file formats for reuse, Evaluate for FAIRness, and Document curation activities.
Where possible data studies should be accompanied by comprehensive documentation: codebooks, file layout maps, technical notes, questionnaires, reports, and errata in open and accessible formats. In cases where documentation is insufficient, Penn Libraries staff can consult with data producers to ensure that data files are usable and understandable by generating additional contextual information.
Data Preservation Policy  
Penn Libraries is committed to the sustainable management of the works deposited in ScholarlyCommons and ensuring long-term access to those works. All work deposited in ScholarlyCommons will be assigned a persistent identifier and a persistent Web address (URL). Submission in a recommended file format is encouraged to help facilitate long-term preservation. The DSpace platform provides features to aid in the long-term preservation of our works, including bit integrity checks, audit trails, pre-ingest checks, and more.
Current long-term preservation strategies and technologies employed by ScholarlyCommons and the DSpace platform are shaped by the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model (ISO 14721:2012) and informed by relevant international standards and emerging best practices. ScholarlyCommons preservation activities and policies will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain current as technology and institutional practices evolve.

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