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This guide will help you to become more familiar with Penn's institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons, and the various services provided by the ScholarlyCommons team.


ScholarlyCommons, the University of Pennsylvania’s open access institutional repository, showcases and shares work created by the Penn community. As part of this mission, ScholarlyCommons offers three core services to the Penn community:

  1. Comprehensive permissions review and deposit of previously published materials (Penn faculty only);
  2. New journal publishing and access to archival content; and
  3. Penn projects in support of course work, research, teaching, and departmental activities.

Our Collection

ScholarlyCommons includes a variety of content produced by the Penn scholarly community. As one of Penn’s digital libraries, we aim to provide collections in support of the following four overlapping areas of focus:

  1. Unique, library-created materials drawn from Penn collections or Library programs, and materials originating in digital form deemed worthy of preservation. 

  2. Distinctive works of Penn schools and centers, faculty, or students

  3. Research articles, datasets, and related research outputs assembled to provide open access to Penn scholarship, comply with funder mandates, or foster collaborative research. 
  4. Inter-institutional collection partnerships that complement Penn collections and leverage scale or unique capabilities of Penn staff and production assets. 

For examples of noteworthy ScholarlyCommons collections in support of these areas, visit our Types of Materials page.

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Submit to ScholarlyCommons

Make your works discoverable through ScholarlyCommons, Penn's openly accessible institutional repository. Submit materials yourself, or set up a consultation to discuss your digital project. 

Contact Us

If you'd like more information about Scholarly Commons, please click on the button below to fill out a form.  We'd be happy to answer your questions or set up a consultation.