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This guide will help you to become more familiar with Penn's institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons, and the various services provided by the ScholarlyCommons team.

Journal Publishing

ScholarlyCommons is also a publishing platform that supports open access journals. Journals can have their own customized design, and can include a variety of additional features such as access control and editorial management. ScholarlyCommons allows for workflows to be easily customized and editors to control their journal settings and policies. We can also host your back issues or archives.

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Featured Journals


Discentes is the undergraduate Classics journal at the University of Pennsylvania. Their mission is simple: to publish the highest quality of Classical research at the undergraduate level. Discentes accepts research papers and Greek and Latin translations from students globally.

Penn History Review

Founded in 1991, the Penn History Review is a journal for undergraduate historical research. Published twice a year through the Department of History, the journal is a non-profit publication produced by and primarily for undergraduates. The editorial board of the Review is dedicated to publishing the most original and scholarly research submitted for our consideration.


Bellwether magazine is distributed to alumni and friends of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. First published in October 1981, the magazine features stories about clinical and research innovations at the school, as well as faculty, staff, and alumni updates.

History of Anthropology Newsletter

The History of Anthropology Newsletter has been a venue for publication and conversation on the many histories of the discipline of anthropology since 1973. ScholarlyCommons serves as a repository for its back issues.

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Make your works discoverable through ScholarlyCommons, Penn's openly accessible institutional repository. Take advantage of Faculty Assisted Submission by sending us your CV (faculty only), submit materials yourself, or set up a consultation to discuss your digital project. 

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