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History of the Early Printed Hebrew Book


The history of reading practices, as with the notion of ‘author’ seen above, is a relatively new subdiscipline. For a good starting point to understand the issues see Chartier, The Order of Books, Ch. 1; this may be supplemented by R. Chartier, “Texts, Printings, Readings,” in L. Hunt (ed.), The New Cultural History (University of California Press, 1989), 154–75, and, for a comprehensive survey of modern approaches up to the mid 1990’s, W. Sherman, John Dee: The Politics of Reading and Writing in the Renaissance (University of Massachusetts Press, 1995), Ch. 3. The study of readers’ marginalia and annotations as a means to uncover their approaches to the text is the basis of Sherman's book, and also in a paper by L. Jardine and A. Grafton: ““Studied for Action:”: How Gabriel Harvey read his Livy,” Past and Present, 129 (1990), 30–78.

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