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History of the Early Printed Hebrew Book


Benayahu, Meir
“The Shift of the Centre of Hebrew Printing from Venice to Amsterdam and the Competition with the Jewish Printing in Constantinople,” [Hebrew] pp. 41-68 in volume 1, מחקרים על תולדות יהדות הולנד = Studies on the History of Dutch Jewry, 5 volumes (1975-1988) ed. Jozeph Michman
Katz Center – Stacks. DS135.N4 M38 1975
Van Pelt Library. DS135.N4 M38

Freimann, Aron
"Elieser ben Isak und seine Drucke in Lublin, Konstantinopel und Safed," Zeitschrift für Hebräische Bibliographie 11 (1907) 152-157
Katz Center - Reference Room. Z6367 .Z48
Katz Center - Stacks. Z6367 .Z48
Available via HathiTrust Digital Library.

Freimann, Aron
“Typographisches:  Die hebraeische Druckerei in Fez in Jahre 1521-1526,” Zeitschrift für Hebräische Bibliographie 14 (1910) 79-80, 15 (1911) 180-182
Katz Center - Reference Room. Z6367 .Z48
Katz Center - Stacks. Z6367 .Z48
Available via HathiTrust Digital Library.;view=1up;seq=7

Hill, Brad Sabin
Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, and Marathi Jewish printing in India ; Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic printing in Baghdad : rare printed books from the Valmadonna Trust Library, London
Netherlands : IDC Publishers, 2008
Katz Center - Reference Folio. Z228.H4 H423 2008

Marciano, Eliahu Raphael
ספר בני מלכים : והוא תולדות הספר העברי במרוקו משנת רע"ז עד שנת תשמ"ט  =  The book of the Sons of Kings. A History of the Hebrew Book in Morocco from 1517 to 1989
A History of the Hebrew Book in Morocco from 1517 to 1989
Jerusalem: Mekhon Harasham (Rehov Aviad 18), 1989
Available at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York

Roth, Cecil
הדפוס העברי בלונדון: נסיון ביבליוגרפי = The Hebrew press in London: A bibliographical experiment.  The origins of Hebrew Typography in England.
Katz Center - Stacks. Z6366 .R684 1937
[two offprints bound together, Hebrew and English, repr. from:  Kiryat Sefer 14 (1937) 97-104  and 379-88 [Hebrew], and Journal of Jewish Bibliography 1(1938) 2-9]

Rowland-Smith, Diana
“The beginnings of Hebrew Printing in Egypt,” British Library Journal 15 (1989) 16-22
Van Pelt Library.  Z921 .B854 .B73
[repr. pp. 215-221 in, The History of the Book in the Middle East (Aldershot, UK:  Ashgate Publishing Group, 2013) ed. Geoffrey Roper
Van Pelt Library. Z8.M63 H57 2013]

Schwarfuchs, Lyse
Le Livre hébreu à Paris au XVIe siècle, Inventaire chronologique
Paris:  Bibliothe`que nationale de France, 2004
Katz Center - Reference Room. Z145.P3 S39 2004
Van Pelt Library. Z145.P3 S39 2004

Schwarfuchs, Lyse
L'hébreu dans le livre lyonnais au XVIe siècle: inventaire chronologique
Lyon : ENS E´ditions : Institut d'histoire du livre 2008
Katz Center - Stacks. Z228.H4 S395 2008
Van Pelt Library. Z228.H4 S395 2008

Tedghi, Joseph
הספר והדפוס העברי בפאס  = The Book and Hebrew Printing in Fez
Jerusalem : Mekhon Ben Tsevi, 1994
Katz Center - Stacks. DS135.M85 F498 1994
Van Pelt Library. DS135.M85 F498 1994

Tedghi, Joseph
“Books, Manuscripts and Hebrew Printing in Fez,” [Hebrew] Pe’amim 52 (1992) 47-74
Katz Center - Periodicals Gallery. DS101 .P47
Van Pelt Library. DS101 .P47

Weil, Gérard
"Petite Histoire de L'Imprimerie hebraique en Alsace," Bulletin de nos Communautés : organe du judaïsme d'Alsace et de Lorraine 13 (1957)  n°12 p.9, n°13, p.8, n°15, p.8