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History of the Early Printed Hebrew Book

Hebrew Types

Beaujon, Paul [= Beatrice Warde]
“The ‘Garamond Types’ Sixteenth & Seventeenth century sources considered,” The Fleuron:  A Journal of Typography 5 (1926) 131-79
Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Rare Book Collection. 655.05 F639

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Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Rare Book Collection. Z250.A2 L4

De Rossi, Giovanni Bernardo
De Hebraicae Typographiae
Parmae [Italy] : ex Regio typographeo, 1776
Katz Center - Stacks. Z7070 .D47
Available via HathiTrust Digital Library.

Dreyfus, John with Hendrik Désiré Louis Vervliet and Harry Carter
Type Specimen Facsimiles: vol. 2, Reproductions of Christopher Plantin's 'Index sive specimen characterum' 1567 & folio specimen of c.1585, together with the Le Bé-Moretus specimen, c.1599 (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1963-1972)
Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Reference Collection Folio. Z250 .T9653

Eames, Wilberforce
On the use of Hebrew types in English America before 1735
New York : [s.n.], 1929
Katz Center - Reference Room. Z251.H4 E2
[repr.  pp. 481-502 in, Studies in Jewish bibliography and related subjects, in memory of Abraham Solomon Freidus (1867-1923), late chief of the Jewish Division, New York Public Library
(New York : The Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation, Distributed by the Jewish Division, New York Public Library, 1929)
Katz Center - Stacks. BM42 .F745 1929
Katz Center - Reference Room. BM42 .F745 1929
Research Annex. (LIBRA). 274B St93]

Freimann, Aaron
Thesaurus typographiae hebraicae saeculi XV
(Jerusalem, Universitas Booksellers, c1968 [Appeared originally in 8 parts. Published in Berlin 1924-1931])
Katz Center - Reference Folio. Z240 .F77 1968 with supplement

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Katz Center - Reference Room. Z228.H4 F84 1984
Van Pelt Library. Z228.H4 F84 1984

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Katz Center - Periodicals Gallery. PN6067 .S883
Van Pelt Library. PN6067 .S883

Haebler, Konrad
“Typefounding and Commerce in Type during the early years of printing,” Ars Typographica 3 (1926) 32-35
Available via BorrowDirect from Johns Hopkins University

Haiman, György
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San Francisco : J.W. Stauffacher/Greenwood Press in association with J. Howell-Books, 1983
Van Pelt Library. Z232.T814 H3313 1983

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Research Annex (LIBRA). PN1 .A3

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Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Rare Book Collection. Z119 .S57

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Cologne: Fachhochschule Köln, Campus Gummersbach, 2001

Lane, John A.
"The Printing Office of Gerrit Harmansz van Riemsdijck, Israël Abrahamsz de Paull, Abraham Olofsz, Andries Pietersz, Jan Claesz Groenewoudt & Elizabeth Abrahams Wiaer c.1660-1709," Quaerendo 43 (2013) 311-439
Van Pelt Library. Z1007 .Q13

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Lubell, Stephen
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PhD. dissertation.  University of London, 2014
Two volumes in one file.

Lubell, Stephen
The use of Hebrew in the Antwerp Polyglot Bible
MA Thesis.  University of London, 2008; revised 2009

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“Aldus and the first Use of Hebrew Type in Venice,” The Papers of the Bibliographic Society of America 13 (1919) 64-67
Van Pelt Library. 010.6 B473
Research Annex (LIBRA). 10.6 B473

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Rare Book & Manuscript Library - Reference Collection. Z118 .L67 1985

Offenberg, Adri K.
“The Hidden Treasure of Athias,” Quaerendo 37.2 (2007) 96 – 110
Van Pelt Library. Z1007 .Q13

Omont, Henri
Spécimens de Charactères Hébreux Gravés a Venisé et a Paris par Guillaume le Bé (1546-1574)
Paris 1887) 1-9 [extract from Mémoires de la Société de l’Histoire de Paris et de l’Ile-de-France 14 (1887)  257-264]
Katz Center - Stacks. PJ5031 .O46 1887
Van Pelt Library 944.36 So13.2
Available via HathiTrust Digital Library.

Parker, Mike
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Research Annex (LIBRA). 655.05 P936

Parker, Mike and Karl Melis
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Antwerp:  Museum-Plantin Moretus, (Reproduced from typewritten copy for private circulation, April 1960)
Research Annex (LIBRA). 655.1493 An88

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Van Pelt Library. Z1007 .G93

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Van Pelt Library. Z228.H4 H43713 2012
Fine Arts Library. Z228.H4 H43713 2012

Tamari, Ittai Joseph
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Van Pelt Library. Z126 .M53 2002

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Rare Book & Manuscript Library Reading Room. Z250.A2 V46 2010
Van Pelt Library. Z250.A2 V46 2010

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Katz Center - Periodicals Gallery. BM90 .H43
Van Pelt - Judaica/Ancient Near East Resource Room (401). BM11 .H4