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History of the Early Printed Hebrew Book

Jewish Women Printers

Akrap, Domagoi
“‘Viele Töchter hatten Erfolg.’ – Frauen im Jüdischen Buchwesen, ” 134-44 in, ? Beste aller Frauen: weibliche Dimensionen im Judentum (Wien:  Jüdisches Mus. d. Stadt Wien, 2007) edd. Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz, Wiebke Krohn and Domagoi Akrap.   
Van Pelt Library. HQ1172 .B47 2007

Breger, Jennifer
“The Role of Women in Hebrew Printing,” Antiquarian Bookman 91 (March 29, 1993) 1320-1329
Research Annex (LIBRA Special) - must be used in Rare Book Reading Room. Z999.A01 A5

Breger, Jennifer
Online contribution to the Jewish Women’s Archive

Breger, Jennifer
“Books printed by Jewish women,” [199-?]
Photocopy of 13 unnumbered leaves typescript, held at the British Library; it is possible to order a pdf.

Galante, Abraham
Esther Kyra d'apres de nouveaux documents : contribution à l'histoire des Juifs de Turquie
Constantinople : Socie´te´ anonyme de papeterie et d'imprimerie (Fr. Hai¨m), 1926
Katz Center - Stacks. DS135.T83 K9631 1926

Haberman, A.M.
“Jewish Women as Printers, Typesetters, Publishers and Book Patrons of Writers,” [Hebrew] (Berlin:  Rubin Mas, 1933) =

Hill, Brad Sabin
“Index of women printers,” vol. 1, lxxxviii in volume one; “Index of typresetters,” vol. 1, xci-xcvi (lists only three women typesetters (Rebecca and Reichel Jüls, Bela Schlenker), Catalogue of Hebrew printers (ca. 1500-ca. 1900) : as represented in the holdings of the British Museum (now British Library) : reproduced from the unpublished manuscript held in the Hebrew Section, Oriental and India Office Collections, three volumes
London : British Library, 1995
Katz Center - Reference Folio. Z231 .B75 1995a

Karp, Abraham J.
“Let Her Works Praise Her,” pp. 167-180 in, From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress (Washington D.C.: Library of Congress,1991) ed. Abraham J. Karp
Katz Center - Reference Folio. Z6375 .K37 1991
Katz Center - Stacks. Z6375 .K37 1991

Kayserling, Meyer
“Setzerinnen und Druckerinnen,” pp. 146-149 in, Die jüdischen Frauen in der Geschichte, Literatur und Kunst (Leipzig :  F. A. Brockhaus, 1879)
Katz Center - Stacks. BS1199.W7 K39 1879

Mitrani-Samarian, Salomon
“Un typographe juif en Espagne avant 1482,” Revue des études juives 54 (1907) 246-49
Katz Center - Periodicals Gallery. DS101 .R45
Van Pelt Library. DS101 .R45

Mordtmann, J.H.
“Die jüdischen Kira im Serai der Sultane,” Westasiatische Studien = Mitteilungen des Seminars für orientalische Sprachen zu Berlin 32 (1929) 1-38
Van Pelt Library. PJ25 .B5

Spiegel, Gideon
“The Jewess from Constantinople: The Story of Esther Kira (1539 - 1592),” [Hebrew] Mahut 20 (1998) 55-79
Katz Center - Periodicals B1.  PJ5001.Z44
Van Pelt Library. PJ5001 .Z44

Steinschneider, Moritz
“Die judischen Frauen und die judische Literatur: Druckerinnen und Setzerinnen,” Hebraische Bibliographie 1 (1858) 66–68 and 2 (1859) 33–35
Available via HathiTrust Digital Library  

Yaari, Avraham
“The Printing House of Rabbanit Judith Rosanes in Lvov,” [Hebrew] Kiryat Sefer 17 (1940) 95-108
Katz Center - Periodicals Gallery. Z6367 .K57
Van Pelt Library. Z6367 .K57

Yaari, Avraham
“Women in the Holy Endeavor (of Printing),” [Hebrew] pp. 256-302 in, מחקרי ספר ; פרקים בתולדות הספר העברי = Studies in Hebrew booklore (Jerusalem: 1958)
Katz Center - Reference Room. Z228.H4 Y12 1958