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Using Electronic Resources


Finding eBooks

The Library purchases and/or subscribes to individual ebooks titles, Example of selecting Online, Penn, and Book option from Franklin Catalogselected titles within ebook collections, and full collections of ebooks. Individual ebook titles can be searched for and accessed through the Franklin Catalog. 

To find ebooks in the Franklin Catalog:

  • Use the following limits: Access: Online | Format: Books.  One can also limit the Resource Source to Penn to see just those books purchased by the Penn Libraries. 
  • We also have a link to the Online Library, which represents records for Penn materials accessible online.

Users can also search directly within various ebook provider platforms from which Penn acquires ebooks.  Selected platforms include: ProQuest Ebook Central | EBSCOhost eBook Collection | Sage Research Methods | Cambridge Books Online | O'Reilly for Higher Education | Routledge Handbooks Online | e-Duke Scholarly Book Collection. For a full list of ebook platforms, see this link: Ebook Databases in Franklin

User limits for individual eBooks

Whenever possible, the Penn Libraries purchase ebooks that have unlimited user access.  However, sometimes unlimited access is not available or it is cost prohibited, and we must then accept three users or single user access restrictions, Also, for full-downloads, there may be a time limit for which the file is accessible on your device.  When you access an ebook, usually the limitations are visible on the download screen.  Additional information is available for some providers:

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM technology controls access to, tracks, and limits the use of digital works. Window prompting the need for Adobe Digital Editions to read ebookThe technology is part of the digital item itself and moves with it when it is distributed to the consumer. 

To download the full-text of many works, including some works from ProQuest EBook Central and EBSCO Ebook Collection, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create a free Adobe ID.

For Android and iOS devices, Bluefire Reader is a free, third-party app that makes it easy to download protected ebooks  First install the app and authorize it with your AdobeID. When you download an ebook that uses DRM, it will open automatically.


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