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Printing - Windows installer


Follow these steps to print to Library printers:

  1. Download the printing software for the type of computer you are using.
    • If you use a Windows computer it may be either a 32 bit or 64 bit version. You need to download the appropriate software for your version.
    • To determine your operating system type, follow the instructions below "How to determine your operating system type":
  2. Install the printing software

Please note: At this time, not all types of printing are supported in every Library.

Click on a link to download the printer installer that meets your needs:

  Black & White Installer Color Installer Duplex Installer  Color Duplex Installer 
Windows 32 Bit Windows 32 bit Black & White Windows 32 bit Color Windows 32 bit Black & White Duplex Windows 32 bit Color Duplex
Windows 64 Bit Windows 64 bit Black & White Windows 64 bit Color Windows 64 bit Black & White Duplex Windows 64 bit Color Duplex  


How to determine your operating system type of Windows

  1. Click the start button
  2. Type, "msinfo" and then press "Enter"
  3. Your operating system type will appear where it says, "System Type"

Figure 1: 64-bit operating system type


Figure 2: 32-bit operating system type


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