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Computer Labs

Computers, printers, laptops, software, scanning devices.

Vitale digital media lab

The Vitale Digital Media Lab offers training, equipment and knowledgeable staff to assist patrons in working with digital media including video, audio, imaging, graphic design, and web publishing. Lab resources are available to all current Penn students, faculty, and staff.

Vitale Digital Media Lab computers, scan, and print devices

The vitale digital media lab consists of 10 Mac Pro desktop computers, large displays, a poster printer, a print release station, and several individual items avalable to borrow (cameras, microphones, etc.).  The lab is staffed by student consultants and provides access to a wide array of highly specialized software packages for Mac.

Paid printing is available in all the labs in Van Pelt, using your PennCard or a Visitor's PennCash card. Costs are $.07 per page for single sided black and white pages, $ .10 per page for double side black and white pages using the duplex printers, and $0.28 per page for single side color pages (limited locations). See printing instructions.

Wireless Network/AirPennNet is available in much of Van Pelt. See the floor plans for specific wireless areas. Authentication for wireless use is by PennKey. Information about AirPennNet is available.