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Computing Services at the Penn Libraries

Computers, printers, laptops, software, scanning devices. Computing for library staff. Library Technology Service. Passwords, Permissions.

About Music Library

The Eugene Ormandy Music and Media Center is named for the long-term conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, whose professional papers, conducting scores, and recordings the Penn Library holds. The Center houses more than 34,000 sound recordings of Western music, as well as art and traditional musics of the world in LP disc, cassette, and compact disc formats.  The Music Library's video collection is also housed here and includes DVD and laser disc recordings of opera and ballet as well as a diverse collection of video tapes, primarily related to the study of world music.

Music computer labs and print devices

The Ormandy Music and Media Center features Mac and PC systems.  A print release station, and a look up computer.



Printing in Music Library

The library uses UniPrint pay-for-printing. To make use of the service, print as you would normally print from your home or office computer, give your job a name, and retrieve your print jobs from the print station in the elevator lobby. You will be able to swipe your PennCard/PennCash card, and then will be prompted to find your job by name and work station. Black and white printing costs $.07/page. Duplex printing costs $ .10 per page for double side black and white pages using the duplex printers.