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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Cruising the Baltic Sea


The Hermitage Dwellers (DVD)

The Hermitage Dwellers. Dir. by Aliona van der Horst. Icarus Films, 2006. DVD. More information at Icarus FilmsFind in a library near you at

THE HERMITAGE DWELLERS is as much about the people who work in Russia's renowned museum as it is about the glorious art works housed in this St. Petersburg institution. We meet with several "Hermitage-niks" . . . each of whom explains their own very personal reasons for considering the palace of Catherine the Great their "home."

The two minute clip below is from Youtube


Visby, Sweden

Streets of Visby.  Photograph by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz.  Obtained on flickr by Creative Commons license.

Baltic Sea

Map of Baltic Sea Region

Bathymetric map of the Baltic Sea.
Map created by Oona Räisänen and

shared under a Creative Commons attribution share alike license 

Bibliographer and Penn Alumni Travel

Selected and Annotated By:

Deborah Bishov
Penn Libraries

Updated 2018 by:

Rebecca Stuhr
Director for Liaison Services and
Librarian for Classical Studies

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Architecture: Scandinavia



Baltic Coast

Baltic Sea.  Photograph by Manuela Hoffmann.  Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.