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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Treasures of Thailand


fiction by Thai Authors

A poetical version of the "Chronicle of Ayudhya" by Sunthorn Phu with a biography of Sunthorn Phu, a Thai poet who lived during the 19th century and who is often referred to as Thailand’s Shakespeare. Text available at the

Lone Sunflower translation Short story by Seni Saowaphongimage from Thai fiction blog

Treasures of Thailand

Treetops and steep green mountains

Kanchanaburi. Photo by Tyler Merbler CC BY 2

Selections and Annotations by
Brian Vivier
Chinese Studies Librarian

vivier @ 

For more information on Treasures of Thailand and other Alumni trips, visit the Penn Alumni web page


Special Destinations

Temple structure

Wat Mahwan. Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Photo by Andrea Schaffer CCBY2

National Geographic Video (see below), "Lost City of Angkor Wat." "In 1860, missionaries came across ruins in the Cambodian jungle—and discovered a lost city twice as large as Manhattan."

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