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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Cruising the Rhône River


Selected and Annotated By:

Rebecca Stuhr
Director, Liaison Services
Librarian for  Classical Studies


Reading while traveling

Welcome to the Cruising the Rhône River Guide by Rogerio Camboim S A

Roman Theatre of Orange. Photo by Rogerio Camboim S A and used under a Creative Combines BY 2.0 license

For more information, please visit Penn Alumni Travel site.

Provence Early 20th Century

Map of La Provence from La Provence by Gonzague Truc

From La Provence by Gonzague Truc digitized and available through

Wines of France by Ernest and Alfred Vizetelly, Published in 1908

Available for viewing online at

An Old Time Dance at the Maconnais

More on Wine


Scroll through the text here, or view the entire book at Available through the Public Domain
Description de deux monumens antiques qui subsistent près la ville de Saint-Remy en Provence ...1779 par M. l'Abbé Lamy.