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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Southern Italy & Sicily


Selected and Annotated by
Joseph Holub
Latin American Studies, Spanish & Portuguese Language & Literature Librarian
holub @

Revised by
Penn Dental Library
kleclair @

Art of Southern Italy


Buildings on cliff overlooking water

Sorrento. Image by Harvey Barrison. Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

Sicilian Food & Culture

Southern Italy & Sicily

View of Italian city next to mountains

Taormina, Sicilia. Image by Jeanne Menjoulet. Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

By the Ionian Sea

In By the Ionian Sea, George Gissing shares his visit to the Italian coast south of Naples. Viewable courtesy of Hathi Trust and the University of California.



View of old Italian city in evening with lights on

Matera. Image by Francesca Cappa. Obtained on flickr with Creative Commons license.

Ancient Greeks in Sicily

Black and white photo of ruins

Le théâatre de Taormine. Image by CpaKmol. Obtained on flickr with a Creative Commons license.

Life and Death in Herculaneum

The Legacy of Vesuvius