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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Dutch Waterways

The Netherlands

Natural History


Windmill and Canal: Edmond a/d Hoef, Holland.  Photo courtesy of Martin de Lusenet and used with Creative Commons license.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Sunbathing Heron-Utrecht, Netherlands

Sunbathing Heron, Utrecht, Netherlands. Photo courtesy of Tom Jutte and used with a Creative Commons license.

Bibliographer and Penn Alumni Travel

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Brigitte Burris
Collection & Content Analyst
German Studies
Medieval Studies
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Kelsey LeClair
Administrative Assistant

Emily Benenhaley
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For more information about this and other excursions, please visit the Penn Alumni Travel Webpage.

Brugge, Belgium

Canal with buildings to right, trees to left

Brugge, Belgium. Photo courtesy of  minniemouseaunt  and used with Creative Commons license.


Explore the Canals and Streets of Beautiful Amsterdam

This video is brought to you by National Geographic.

The Low Countries


Brugge, Belgium

Waterways, Brugge.  Photo courtesy of Yakinodi and used with a Creative Commons license.

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