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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Polar Bears & Beluga Whales



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Churchill: Polar Bears & Beluga Whales


Polar bear mother and her two cubs

Polar Bears, Churchill by Karilop311 Used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Churchill, Manitoba is a small town on the remote, southwestern shores of Hudson Bay in Canada. Churchill's most famous seasonal residents are polar bears and thousands of individuals travel to Churchill between July and November to see the "polar bear capital of the world." The area is also known for it's migration of beluga whales during the summertime. The migrating whales outnumber Churchill's human population (around one thousand) by three to one.



Selected and Annotated By:

Nick Orkent Bibliographer for US History, Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Urban Studies

Emily Benenhaley 
Adminisrative Assistant

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Churchill Wild Polar Bear: Live Cam

Watch this Live Cam of Polar Bears in Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba.

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Beluga Whales

Beluga Whales by Travel Manitoba Used under a Creative Commons non commercial, share alike license




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