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Alumni Travel Reading 2018-2019: Himalayan Kingdoms

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Himalayan Kingdoms: Nepal & Bhutan

Monestary built into mountainside

Mountain Monastery by David Lazar  

The Himalayan Kingdoms: Nepal & Bhutan. This iconic location and journey covers several ancient sites, temples and suptas in two distant, spiritual lands.One can see an ancient Buddhist complex at the Swayambhunath Temple to the culturally rich Patan and the renowned 15th century Bondhanath, Nepal's largest and most important Buddhist stupa. Other features include Nepal's holiest shire, Pashupatinath Temple, as well as Bhutan's capital, Thimphu, where one can experience first-hand Bhutanese culture. The Himalayan Kingdoms is an journey filled with history, culture, and wondrous aesthetics. 

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Travel Video Guide

Kingdoms in the Himalayas (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide. Watch this hour long video guide to learn more about the sites and history of the kingdoms of the Himalayas. 


The Himalayas

Mountains with blue sky
Photo by Himadri Karmakar


Temple with prayer flags
Swayambhunath by Jorge Lascar
Visit Swayambhunath, an ancient Buddhist temple and UNESCO site.

Pashupatinath-10 by Joel Solomon
Pashupatinath-10 by Joel Solomon
Nepal's oldest and holiest Hindu shrine, Pashupatinath Temple.

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