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Alumni Travel Reading: Amazon River

Natural History


Floating Village in Iquitos, Peru. Courtesy of

Welcome to Your Journey through the Amazon

Cute parrot with closed eyes, by Tambako The Jaguar


Selected and Annotated By: 

Melanie Cedrone
Collections and Information Services
Environmental Science Bibliographer

Alixandra Boucher
Collections Assistant 2015

For more information about the Penn excursion, please visit the Penn Alumni Travel Website.

Wildlife and Travels through the Amazon

National Geographic Presents: Wild Amazon

Wild Amazon HD National Geographic Documentary 2015, National Geographic Worldwild, 2015.

Learn more about the wonders and beauty of the Amazon National Forest, as well as the community with which the wide array of incredible wildlife share their land.

See more at the National Geographic Worldwild Youtube Channel.

Peruvian Culture

Informational Websites


Dolphin-red, the pink dolphin - Boto-vermelho, Boto Cor de Rosa, by Jose Hilton Pereira da Silva

Ruthless River: An Autobiography